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Top 10 Things Title Companies Hate to Hear

The team at Cohen Closing does our best to remain ready for ANY curveball, but if you notice the closing agent at your next transaction visibly cringe as they pull out Plans B and C to make the transaction close, chances are it's because someone at the table said one of these ten things that title companies hate to hear! 1. "You need my cash to close? Sure thing - let me get my checkbook out!"

2. "Oh the seller? Yeah, she couldn't make it, but I'm her son and I brought this power of attorney we made together!"

3. "Walkthrough went terrible. We're going to change the purchase price."

4. "Sorry, but I left my wallet with my ID at home."

5. "Now that we've made it to the closing table, I'll send that wire over with the cash to close."

6. "Looks like the tenant didn't vacate the property in time for closing. I'm hoping the buyer is OK with that?"

7. "I was able to move all of our belongings from upstairs out, but I'm going to need about a week after closing to move everything out of the first floor."

8. "My SELLER is at the closing table? I HATE him. I won't sign in the same room."

9. "I know the buyer saw the beautiful custom chandelier in the foyer when they came to the open house, but we decided to bring it with us to our new home! I'm sure they'll love the builder grade light we installed."

10. "My wife didn't get to check out the place before we went under contract, and she just doesn't love what she saw at the walkthrough. We'll be needing our deposit money back."

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