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4 Meaningful Gifts for the New Homeowner in your Life

Do more than a door mat for the new homeowner in your life this holiday season! They'll love the meaning behind any one of these sentimental gifts.

1. New Home Ornament

If the new homeowner in your life is putting up a Christmas tree, they’ll so appreciate your help decorating it! Not only will you be adding to their holiday decor, but you’ll be gifting them something they’ll look forward to seeing every year and allowing them to remember the excitement of their big purchase!

2. Plant

Flowers are a typical gift for all kinds of celebrations, but instead of flowers this year, get the new homeowner in your life a plant. We all know roses stand for love, but did you know other plants have meanings too? This new homeowner will love the thoughtfulness of a houseplant wishing them luck or happiness in their new place.

To wish this person good luck in their new home, gift them an aloe or bamboo plant:

To wish them happiness, gift them cyclomen or daffodils:

3. Elephant

Not a real one! In Feng Shui, the elephant in home decor is a symbol of good luck. Thought to protect the home by keeping bad things from entering, the elephant should be placed with its trunk up facing the door.

For the minimalist homeowner, gift this sleek ceramic elephant:

4. Pineapple Decor

The pineapple is a universal symbol of hospitality. When European explorers started visiting Caribbean countries, they found the native people warm and friendly and associated the pineapples above their doors with a warm welcome. No matter the style of the new homeowner in your life, you’ll be able to find the perfect pineapple for their new home.

Happy Shopping!

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