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5 Winter Home Hazards (& How to Avoid!)

Being a homeowner in the winter in New England comes with a whole set of cold weather hazards. Including throwing out your back while shoveling, these risks make living in the northeast that much more exciting. Here's how to avoid them this winter!

1. Ice Dams

Enemy to homeowners across New England, ice dams can be expensive. They can also be avoidable, if you prepare correctly. Be sure to clean your gutters to make sure snow and rain can drain properly and rake snow off the roof if your home is prone to icicles.

2. Frozen Pipes

Burst pipes in the middle of February is the stuff of every homeowner's nightmare. Professionals recommend always keeping the temperature in the house over 55 degrees, disconnecting your garden hose from the outside faucet, and opening the kitchen sink cabinet to allow the warmer air in on very cold days.

3. Carbon Monoxide Scares

This one's no joke. The risk of a carbon monoxide scare increases in the winter, especially for those who may use generators when the power goes out. To decrease that risk, make sure to replace batteries in your carbon monoxide (and smoke!) detectors and to keep all ventilated areas (think dryer vents!) clear of all snow.

4. Exponentially Higher Heating Bill

The horror! No one wants to see a high heating bill come in right after the holidays. Try this trick to lower that bill this winter: If you can, reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. It'll create an updraft that pushes the hot air down and may allow you to keep the thermostat lower.

5. Missed Oil Delivery

The only thing worse than a high heating bill is no heat at all. Most oil companies won't deliver if there is something obstructing the tank. This includes snow! So be sure to shovel around your oil tank this winter to avoid a missed delivery. HOW many days until spring?

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