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7 Relationship Stages Every Agent goes through with their Client

Whether it was a long-term relationship or a summer (market) fling, every client relationship has gone through these seven major milestones.

1. How We Met

Every couple (and every agent and client) has a sweep-you-off-your-feet "how we met" story. Was your buyer a Zillow lead? Did your seller slide into your DMs after seeing your Facebook ad? Maybe you were set up on a blind coffee date by a friend who knew you and your client would be the perfect match.

2. The First Date

You'll always remember sparks flying at the first house you looked at together! The bad news was that you and your buyers weren't fans of the property, but the good news was you could totally picture yourself spending the next few months with them searching for their dream home.

3. Making it Official

Commitment is scary, but when you know, you know. There were butterflies in your stomach as you watched your soon-to-be client sign the buyer agency agreement or listing contract.

4. The First Fight

"Why haven't you sold my home yet?!" when it's listed for $50k over is the real estate relationship equivalent of asking "why haven't you taken out the trash yet?!". Guaranteed to start an argument.

5. Making Up

The bad feelings went away as soon as five interested buyers called for showings after the price reduction. You don't say "I told you so," even though you want to.

6. Moving in Together

Moving in together = going under contract on the property. Things are serious now - you're learning new things about your client every day. Like how their definition of broom-swept condition differs from yours.

7. The Breakup

It was mutual...and very bittersweet. You both leave the closing table on your merry way, but just might end up back together again one day ;)

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