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Here at Cohen Closing & Title, we are dedicated to giving back to the communities that we love to work, live and close in! Our mission is to help provide opportunities for those who need them most.

With this in mind, we created and launched a nonprofit spotlight program in 2021 that raises awareness and funds for selected nonprofits in our community. With input from our team members, we select nonprofits that are near and dear to our hearts. Our nonprofit spotlight program highlights one worthy organization for two months. So far, our nonprofit spotlight program has been able to support the following organizations:

During this time, our team members are invited to wear jeans once a week with a $5 donation to our charity which is matched by the company at the end of the two months. Signs on our closing tables, advertisements on our TVs, and weekly social media posts also promote the selected nonprofit!

While sponsoring local nonprofits through our charity spotlight is a great start, the support does not end there! We also have a scholarship program for young inner-city women going to college. As a woman led business, we want to ensure all women have the opportunity to expand their education and become future business leaders. Three young women each year are selected by the staff to receive a $1,000 scholarship for secondary education.

And while raising funds and awareness is a step in the right direction, having boots on the ground can mean so much more! Every employee at Cohen Closing & Title has two full days of volunteer time off. Whether it is wrapping presents at Girls Inc., serving ice cream at the Boys & Girls Club, or running a photo booth for Connor’s Climb, we are dedicated to serving these nonprofits we work with.


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