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Top 10 Things Loan Officers Hate to Hear

We know you love your job and you're always there for your borrowers, but these are the ten sentences you hope you NEVER hear from your borrowers.

1. "I just changed my job, but don't worry I make WAY more money now!"

2. "Wait until you see the gorgeous new couch I bought for the living room!"

3. "My son had to get a new car, but I ONLY co-signed."

4. "Another lender can get me a way lower rate."

5. "My score is 750. I know because I use Credit Karma."

6. "Taxes? I haven't filed those yet..."

7. "Why do you need my paystub? I told you what I make an hour."

8. "I've been stashing cash under my mattress for years now! No worries, though, just deposited it all!"

9. "I've been trying to work on my credit, so I got a Kohl's charge card!"

10. "I'm also a bartender - bring home $500 a night...never claimed it, though."

Even if you hear some of these things from time to time, the three words that make it all worth it keep you and your clients going: CLEAR TO CLOSE.

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