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Top 10 Things Real Estate Agents Hate To Hear

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Growing a business in real estate is filled with ups and downs. The ups make it worth it, but there's no denying these 10 things you hate to hear from your clients (or potential clients) have made you question your career choice.

1. "We already have an agent - my cousin's friend's daughter's babysitter does real estate on the side."

2. "I'm not pre-approved yet, but I can definitely afford a $500,000 house."

3. "They will love my pink's unique!"

4. "The buyers want us to do WHAT?! It's not like we have to sell..."

5. "The paint cans were here when we bought the house."

6. "We didn't have enough time to move everything out of the house before the walkthrough."

7. "My house is the best house in the neighborhood."

8. "Zillow said my house is worth $100k more..."

9. "The loan was denied."

10. "I'm not closing today."

In the end, successfully putting your clients in a new home makes you remember why you chose this career - despite the roller coaster of a ride it may be! Onto the next one!

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