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Top 5 Things 2020 Has Made Us Grateful For

Aside from the obvious savings on gas/car insurance and only needing to dress business casual on top, the few benefits of 2020 cannot be overlooked. If you've been having a hard time seeing the good this year, let us help you!

The Return of the Drive-In Movie

This was a blast from the past we didn't see coming in 2020! If you're feeling nostalgic for a time before COVID (or way before COVID), going to a drive-in will certainly boost your spirits. Most are playing drive-in fan favorites like "Back to the Future," "Forrest Gump," and "E.T." Check out wbur's guide to New England's best drive-ins and outdoor movie pop-ups or search Facebook Events for ones near you.

More "Me" Time

What have you always said you'd do if only you had the time? Now's your chance! Read more books (try the top 10 best sellers during quarantine in NY)? Try a foreign language (download Duolingo)? Foster your baking skills? If you haven't figured out your favorite 2020 pastime yet, this list from USA Today well help you find it. If "me" time really means "family" time for you, make the most of it with one of these games - broken down by appropriate ages and number of family members - that actually makes staying inside fun.

Reconnecting with the Great Outdoors

You are not alone if being cooped up inside has made you want to get out into nature. We've enjoyed socially distant neighborhood walks, dusting off our old bicycles, and even attempting some hiking. This might be the one and only healthy habit we've formed in 2020! If you're looking for scenic views, challenging adventures, or a place to cool off near you, look no further than the Only In Your State blog.

Being too lazy to cook = Supporting local businesses

Gone are the days of feeling guilty for stopping for takeout on your way home from work. Today, ordering your favorite meal to go makes you a modern day hero. And saves you a night of cooking and cleaning! Keep supporting your favorite local restaurants (and trying new ones) in their time of need. If you need some foodie inspiration, we recommend following @the_roamingfoodie on Instagram to meet your newest cravings all over New England. If you're looking for something right in your area, check out these lists of the best places for takeout and delivery in New Hampshire and Maine.

Time for Home Improvement Projects

If nothing else, quarantine provided us with the time to make our home improvement dreams come true. Home Depot and Lowe's can confirm that Americans thought a lot about their homes in 2020, with foot traffic increasing in their stores over 10% this year. Check out these amazing before and after home improvements and be inspired to start your next DIY project.

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