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What IS a Raving Fan?

If you've ever found yourself at one of Cohen Closing & Title's offices, closing tables, CEU classes, or even parking spots - you may have found yourself wondering what exactly a raving fan is!

Part of the Cohen Closing culture is following the Raving Fans mentality! Raving Fans is a book by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles that is based on the premise that in today's market, satisfied customers just aren't good enough. Businesses should be going above and beyond to turn their satisfied customers into raving fans - clients who are wowed with excellent service, who want to keep coming back, and who will feel compelled to tell others about the great service they received!

Our goal is to create Raving Fans at Cohen Closing in every one of our closings, classes and email exchanges! Our team members read Raving Fans when they are hired and are constantly reminded of our goal! If you've ever walked into one of our operations work stations, you'll see quotes on the walls such as "Raving Fans Created Here!"

Even our clients get reminded of the Raving Fan experience in hopes that they become one. If you pull into our Bedford office parking lot, you'll be greeted with reserved parking spots for Raving Fans - specially marked with buyer, seller, lender and real estate agent spots!

We are so grateful to our Raving Fans - current and future - for giving us the opportunity to create an experience that exceeds expectations! Check out what our Raving Fans have said about us:

Want to become a Raving Fan? Check out our blog to learn more about what we do to go above and beyond (like electronic info forms and the Polaroid Project!).


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